We know you have questions.  Weddings can be tricky things to plan for, so we like to make it as easy as possible for you.  Here are some questions we typically get.  If you have any more questions just click the button at the bottom of the page.

[acc title=”Why should we hire a wedding videographer?”]You spend months or YEARS planning your wedding, and if your wedding is like most weddings, it’ll all be over in 12 hours or less. The centerpieces you stressed about will be put back in their boxes. The cake will be eaten. Your dress will be boxed up and thrown in the attic. Very few things from your wedding day last longer than your wedding day. Your videos and photos will last for a lifetime.

There’s just something special about being able to actually watch and listen to your vows, watching your crazy uncle dance at the reception, and listening to the best man give the speech of a lifetime. We LOVE wedding photography, but our passion is creating wedding videos because these are things you just can’t capture with a still image. We see surveys all the time where brides say their #1 regret is NOT hiring a wedding videographer.

Some of our couples have had someone in their family pass away not long after their wedding. They were so glad they were able to see their loved one on the video – see their smiles, hear their laughs.  Your wedding video is a huge investment in something that you will undoubtedly treasure for years to come.  It only becomes more and more special as time goes on. You’ll love your videos now… but we can guarantee you will love them even more 10, 20, or 50 years from now.[/acc]

[acc title=”Why should we go with you guys and not someone else?”]Well… you CAN choose someone else, but why would you want to do that?  Here are just a few of the reasons why couples have loved hiring us for their wedding videography:   [list type=”arrow”] [li]We’re primarily a husband & wife team – which means we actually like each other![/li] [li]We just got married in the summer of 2011, so we know all about the joys, stresses, ups and downs that come with planning a wedding.  We strive to make things as easy as possible![/li] [li]We’re super friendly, laid back and easy to work with.  We’re also incredibly humble.[/li] [li]Tatiana is originally from Ukraine and may or may not have ties to the communist mafia (just kidding… I hope).[/li] [li]You will LOVE your videos… without having to sell your home, car, left kidney or firstborn child to pay for it.[/li] [/list] [/acc]

[acc title=”Do you carry around big huge cameras, set up blinding lights, and stand in everyone’s way all the time?”]Absolutely! OK just kidding. That would be annoying. Our 2 main cameras are DSLR cameras that shoot in 1080p HD video. They look like just regular photo cameras (because they do that too), so they’re not big, bulky and annoying. We also typically have another camera in the back of the ceremony venue (or in the balcony). We don’t use any big, blinding lights. Unless you’re getting married in a completely dark room, we’ll be just fine… but who wants to get married in a pitch black room? That’d be weird. One of our big goals for your big day is to be invisible. We don’t want to get in anyone’s way or annoy any of your guests. A lot of our brides forget we’re even there – but are blown away by the video we capture without them even realizing it.[/acc]

[acc title=”If we book with you, what will you need from us?”]We want to make everything as easy as possible so you can worry about all the other details for your big day. Here’s a list of everything we’ll need from you: [list type=”arrow”]
[li]A signed copy of your contract + deposit to reserve your date.[/li]
[li]A detailed schedule of your wedding day from start to finish  (i.e. 11:00am – getting ready at parent’s house; 1:00pm – pictures outside of church; etc.)[/li]
[li]A meal at the reception if possible (not applicable for Ceremony Only packages).  If you are not able to provide a meal, that’s fine!  Please just let us know ahead of time so we can be prepared.[/li][/list] [/acc]

[acc title=”Do we have to pay sales tax?”]Well, that depends.  It seems if you ask 3 different videographers you’ll get 3 different responses.  After talking with the Department of Taxation for the State of Ohio, we have come to a solid understanding of when our clients are required to pay sales tax.

Basically it comes down to this:  if you receive a physical product from us (i.e. DVD, external hard drive, etc.) we are required to collect sales tax and pay that money directly to the State.  If there is no exchange of an actual physical product (i.e. we post your video online and you download it onto your computer) then sales tax is NOT required in the State of Ohio (other states have different regulations).  If a videographer you meet with claims they aren’t required to pay sales tax, be careful!  We operate as a legitimate business, registered as an LLC with the State of Ohio.  As this is our full time career, we make every effort to follow all the rules and regulations as directed by the State.

So what’s the benefit of choosing to get the DVD package?  Wouldn’t it just be best to download it ourselves and avoid paying the sales tax?  Obviously that’s up to you — but we create real nice looking DVD packages that will be something you’ll be proud to hold onto for years to come.  We don’t gain any extra money by charging you sales tax – that all goes to the State.  It’s entirely up to you whether or not you choose to receive DVD’s and thus must pay the sales tax on the entire package.  Confused?  SHOOT US A MESSAGE and we can help clarify![/button][/acc]

[acc title=”Alright you convinced me… how do we book with you?”]Awesome!  Thanks for choosing us to be part of your special day – we are honored! Booking a wedding with us is incredibly simple. Simply click on the link below to contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling. We’ll send you a contract via e-mail. Fill out the contract and send it along with the deposit back to us to officially book your date. Any questions along the way? Just ask! Button Text[/acc]

[acc title=”Why Studio58Media? Why not 57 or 59?”]The “58” refers to Romans 5:8 – a verse in the Bible that helps put everything in perspective for us in our lives. “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”[/acc]


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