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Ryan + Chelsea  |  Studio58Media Wedding Videos

Ahhh… spring is finally in the air.  Can you feel it?  This is the best time of the year!  Everything starts turning green again.  The temperatures are finally warming up.  There’s nothing to complain about during the springtime.  We loved working with Ryan + Chelsea for their wedding in early April.  The weather was great – not too hot but not too chilly.  We had an absolute blast all day long!

One of the ‘perks’ of being a wedding vendor is getting to see all different kinds of weddings, meeting new people, and being able to figure out what we enjoy the most about weddings. Before my wife and I got married, she loved it when we would shoot weddings because I think she ended up spending half the time making mental notes of what she wanted to do for our wedding based on the things she liked from all the weddings we were shooting 🙂

One of our favorite parts of the day was the group of people we sat with at the reception.  You have to understand – after shooting tons and tons of weddings, we’ve sat at plenty of tables at receptions.  Most of the time the guests rarely look up from their food and you feel awkward if you say anything more than “hi” to them.  The people we sat with at Ryan + Chelsea’s reception were the TOTAL opposite!  Seriously the most fun group we’ve ever sat with at a reception.  One of the guys at our table actually made the wedding cake… and in all seriousness, it was the best wedding cake we’ve ever had.  My wife is a BIG fan of wedding cake… like for real.  It seems like half the time we’re at the reception she’s taking a video of the wedding cake (ok, just kidding)… but she said this was by far her favorite cake.

Anyway — onto the videos!  Here’s the collection of videos we got to create for Ryan + Chelsea and their big day — enjoy!

The Highlight Video:

The Ceremony Video:

The Reception Video:

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